There are programs prepared for install by customers himself.

Agency-SV - Program for staff recruting agency

Программа для кадровых агентствAgency-SV can automate work of staff and recruitment agency.
Program help to solve many tasks:

  • hold data base of work seekers;
  • hold data base of work offerers;
  • assign work seekers to every work offer and control execution of worker request;
  • hold seekers photo in database;
  • prepare print reports based on color graphical template (CV, list of work seekers & so on.);
  • prepare print reports with color graphical elements for send by e-mail to customers of agency;
  • work from more than one computers;

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Dating-SV - program for dating agency

Program of management of a databank of agency of acquaintances Dating-SV has feature:

  • to conduct a computer databank of clients of agency of acquaintances;
  • to select candidates for complex conditions of search;
  • to monitor planning and execution of each application, including financial questions;
  • to support various reference books;
  • to prepare reports;
  • to keep photo data;
  • to conduct the automated mailing e-mails on base of agency of acquaintances;

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