Agency-SV - Program for staff recruting agency

Программа для кадровых агентствAgency-SV can automate work of staff and recruitment agency.
Program help to solve many tasks:

  • hold data base of work seekers;
  • hold data base of work offerers;
  • assign work seekers to every work offer and control execution of worker request;
  • hold seekers photo in database;
  • prepare print reports based on color graphical template (CV, list of work seekers & so on.);
  • prepare print reports with color graphical elements for send by e-mail to customers of agency;
  • work from more than one computers;

Work patterns

  • Operator entry data by filling some forms.
  • Manager of staff agency can search from data of local databank by search condition. It's available incremental point of conditions.
  • After interview with the candidate, the manager has an opportunity to specify or change information which to be stored in a databank.
  • After that the manager prints the summary CV, sends it by fax to personally or to the employer.

Information stored on each candidate of agency:

  • Personal data (surname, name, middle name, sex, age, presence of children, driving license, existence of the privately owned vehicle, the immediate family…)
  • Wishes on future work (a salary, a position…)
  • Professional skills and abilities (if several positions, then professional skills on each of them are possible)
  • Education (list of educational institutions, academic degree…)
  • Knowledge of the computer and office equipment.
  • Knowledge of Foreign languages.
  • Experience (full experience, last salary, list of places of work and positions)
  • Any additional information.
  • Responses of the manager of recruitment agency.
  • Hobbies, interests.
  • Place of residence (Home address, city/region of a registration, the nearest metro station, phones).

Staff of recruitment agency can create a questionnaire by each profession and in each questionnaire of the candidate fields for filling of this questionnaire automatically will appear if the candidate applies for vacancy by this profession.

Staff of recruitment agency can create (to copy and edit) several options of each template of the printing document. For example it is possible to make several forms of the summary for different categories of clients of recruitment agency.

Additional features:

“Agency-SV” is network program, It's mean, that you can install is on many computers in network and access same data from defferent work stations. Data? entered from one computer are accessible from other stations.

You can protect data by password. If password is entered, you can not access to data without password.

We have many editions for SQL version for many SQL-engines (MS-SQL,MySQL,PostgreSQL).

Linux version:

There is Linux version of program.

Interface is fully identical windows version, but compiled as linux native binary (with Linux shared library).

Delivery as .deb or .rpm package.

Please contact us for Linux version.

Compare version

Future Local Network
Function in network
Entry data from all station X
Simple setup without computer specialist X
Ability to edit documents templates
Ability to write full database on removable flash drive X
Protect from grab database on flash drive by bad boy X
Ability to connect to database from remote users X
User Role model access protection
Price1) 14000 roubles 18000 roubles
1) For One Staff company (for all computers)
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